A little art chat…

Roswell old and new

Hello fellow artists, friends, and Mick Morris and Ghost Board Posse fans. It’s Darrin here with some art chat. If you’ve seen our presentations, you’ve heard us speak about the importance of change when you create. The final output when you write or draw is seldom, if ever, going to be the end product. You have to re-write, erase, scribble, delete, stomp, paint, crumple, toss, and often start again (that goes for anything when creating). That’s the way it is in the arts…and it never goes away. You can always change and better your work, but of course there does come a point that you have to say, that’s it, I’m happy!

People always ask me if I’m ever really satisfied with a sketch or illustration at the first attempt. And my answer is, very rarely. I always look back at a piece and think, hmmm, I can change that. Here is a perfect example. We’ve reached the point where we need another reprint of ‘Mick Morris Myth Solver #1:  All Isn’t Well in Roswell!’ I did the original cover 10 years ago, and now, there’s plenty I would change. We continue to grow as artists with every piece we do – and even as a working artist there is always room for improvement. So, we thought it would be a great time to “touch up” the original cover a bit.  Add a little more shading and highlights. Make the color pop, and lightly change some things. That being said, here is the first Roswell cover, and the updated one. Let us know what you think, and remember always be ready to make changes in whatever you create.