UFO’s and Marching into Reading Month! (get it, ha ha, March – Marched…)


Exciting March Reading Month has begun!  Yay!  We love reading…And for all of you Mick Morris Myth Solver readers it has started out very exciting, with wonderful school visits and many more to come. But, that’s not all, we had the opportunity to chat with William Konkolesky the Michigan State Director of MUFON – which stands for Mutual Unidentified Flying Objects (UFO) Network – pretty cool, huh? We thought so, especially when he shared this with us…”There are over 250 UFO sightings in Michigan a year. Some are planes, some are Chinese Lanterns and some are celestial objects, and then some are even the moon, but some are truly unexplained.”  William got into MUFON because of what he’s seen himself. He wouldn’t go into too much detail, though, but you can find more on his website at http://www.mimufon.org.

Here’s to hoping that you have an ‘out-of-this-world’ Reading Month!”


The importance of laughing!

There is something magical about being able to find things funny, and about having a sense of humor.  It makes life so much more fun and worthwhile. If we always are serious and focused on what we need to get done, and never take time to enjoy the funny side of life, it can get pretty boring.

Now, of course there are times to focus,  whether we have work to do at our jobs, or something for school, and there are times when making fun of things and laughing out loud are inappropriate (we have yet to find those times, ourselves) but we still have to remember to not be serious all the time.  Being serious all the time can make us sad, mad, nervous, and that can lead to a host of other problems.

Some of the most creative, imaginative and successful people through the ages believed in the importance of humor. So take the time to laugh at yourself, find things funny,  and you will find the more you laugh, the more you’ll laugh. People with a sense of humor excel in life – so go ahead and use that funny bone every single day!

disney laughter

By KarenAndDarrin

Amazing Mick Morris Myth Solver Book Report

Emma's Fab ReportA close-up view

We love it when our talented readers share their super-duper, imaginative Mick Morris Myth Solver book reports with us!

This is one that we just had to show you. One of our fabulous reader’s, Emma, used every bit of her creative genius on her report.  As you can see from the pictures she carefully created the Mick Morris character, then wrote her report on note cards and included illustrations.  Way to go Emma, you make us proud to have you as a Mick Morris Myth Solver reader!!!  Oh, and of course she got an A (I mean really what teacher wouldn’t give an A to such fantastic work!?).

It’s a new year, and whether young or old, creativity is so good for all of us. Don’t stop yours, pick a creative challenge and go for it…Anything in the arts, music, dance, painting, writing, sculpting, beading, whatever excites your creative spirit – then share it with us!

By KarenAndDarrin

Halloween Happenings!


I can’t think of a better way to get in the Halloween spirit than by reading your favorite scary books…And we just happen to have plenty of them!  We love to frighten ourselves, too…Just imagine seeing a ghost floating by, or an alien ship lighting up the night sky, or even Bigfoot in your backyard!

There is nothing quite like reading about things that raise the hair on your head and make your skin crawl, so come on and see us. You’ll get a free bookmark, or even a fun stretchy alien (with purchase) during the weekend before Halloween. And if you have the guts to ask, we’ll even share spooky writing secrets and some howling drawing how-to’s, or if it’s comedy voices you seek, we will be happy to scream or speak…BUAHHH HAAAA HAAAA!

Here’s where we’ll be:

Place: Nerdageddon, 117 E. Grand River Avenue, Brighton, MI (810) 522-6185

Date: October 25, 2014  Time: 12:00PM-4:00PM    http://www.nerdageddon.com/aboutus.htm

Place: Leon & Lulu, 96 W. 14 Mile Road, Clawson, MI (248) 288-3600

Event: Books & Authors  (This is a fantastic charity event to benefit the Oakland Literacy Council).

Date: October 26, 2014  Time: 11:00AM-5:00PM  http://leonandlulu.com/charity-events/books-authors/

Happy Haunting!!!

By KarenAndDarrin

Awesome Artwork!

Darrin Brege Art - Droidvengers White by Darrin Brege

We wanted to share some of Darrin’s new, totally incredible artwork with you!  This especially cool piece (above) was commissioned by the founder of the 501st Legion, the one and only, amazing Mr. Albin Johnson.  If you aren’t quite sure what the 501st is, it is the worlds (yep, the world’s) premiere Star Wars costuming organization.  You can click here to find out all about it: http://www.501st.com/  

Earlier this year Albin gave Darrin a challenge, he wondered if he could come up with an awesome mash-up (like some of the art that Darrin had done before), but this time, by combining the Avengers with Droids. And, could he make R2-KT a superhero? Darrin not only took on the challenge, but turned it into the amazing artwork that you see above!

(R2-KT, the little pink droid, is the most special of all. Her story is always in our hearts http://www.r2kt.com)

To see more of Darrin’s fantastic work, here’s the link: http://fineartamerica.com/art/all/darrin+brege/all

So, to all of our artist friends, never-ever be afraid to follow your dreams. If you want to be an artist (or writer) put the pencil to paper, you too could come up with some unbelievable mash-ups…And if you do, email us your artwork, and we will post them on our website. 



By KarenAndDarrin

Summer Fun!

Hey!  I bet you’ve been wondering where we’ve been!   Well, since it’s that fantastic fun time of year – summer, for starters we were out of town.  But that’s not all, we’ve been up to some other totally cool stuff…To start with we have an awesome project that we will be letting you know about soon…but shhhh…for right now it’s a secret.  Oh, I know, we hate secrets, too.  But, sit tight, and hopefully we will be able to reveal it soon.  Just think of it like summer reading, get yourself some great books and on those perfect summer days you just keep turning the pages to find out what happens next.  We really hope that you’re reading this summer (fall, winter, spring, summer, fall, winter…) and always.  So, stay tuned and grab a mysterious Mick Morris Myth Solver book, or if you are into the paranormal and really scary stories, try Ghost Board Posse.  Read on!

By KarenAndDarrin

When talent, skills and perseverance work together.

There is nothing more inspirational than to see people follow their dreams and succeed, especially when it’s your own son! Ever since Mick (yes, the actual Mick of Mick Morris Myth Solver) was little, he loved to draw and sculpt characters and create. He was also always a good reader, which has transferred itself into his success. Because, as he grew older he self-taught himself computer programs to transfer his characters into animation. Then he began doing his own animated shorts, and filming trailers for his high school’s plays, and doing their logo design, and the list goes on. This past weekend he was awarded a huge scholarship from the college that he plans on attending. 200 people applied, 20 were awarded, and he was one of them. We couldn’t be prouder…but we always encouraged him to follow his dreams, and supported him in any way we could. He is a creative, and knows what he loves. I guess it just goes to show that all children must follow their own path, they are not all mathematicians or scientists, because we know EARTH without ART would just be EH. Support your children in their dreams, encourage them to read, and love them every minute. We are so proud of you, Mick! Your future is anything you want to make it!!!


By KarenAndDarrin

Harry loves to read!

I can’t believe that we are more than halfway through March Reading Month! It goes so fast and we get to visit so many wonderful schools…Not to mention spending time with our friends at the Michigan Reading Association.  The only thing that we ever regret about Reading Month is when it’s over – but we have decided that it doesn’t have to be. We should all be reading every single month of the year, because without being able to read, we wouldn’t be able to do much.  Plus, most of what we do these days, in these very digital times is read and write. So hooray for March!  And, let’s mImagearch into every month reading. 

By KarenAndDarrin

Congratulations Brownies & Girls Scouts of America!

Hello! Glad that you stopped by…This is a shout out to all the Brownies and Girl Scouts of America. We learned this past weekend just how amazing they really are! We were so excited to present at their Thinking Day, and their theme this year was, “Education Opens Doors for All Girls and Boys.” They focused on reading and the World Change Challenge. They also participated in a month long read-a-thon (February) and tracked their reading as they collected donations for the hours they read. The donations will be sent to Room to Read – which promotes world literacy. Since 2004, students have raised more than $2 million to make sure that boys and girls everywhere develop literacy skills and are able to finish school. We know how important this is, because if you can’t read, you can’t do much. Congratulations Brownies, Girl Scouts (and your supportive parents) it was a pleasure to spend time with such amazing people!

By KarenAndDarrin