Summer is Better with a Book!

Ya gotta love summer! The best season of all, and one of the main reasons – lots of fun! But there are some days that even in this beautiful weather, and with all the fun imaginable, we get bored. Oh. My. Gosh! I said it! I said the B word – can you believe it? Bored – ugh! Bored, oh no, I said it again! Who gets bored in the summer? Guess what – we all do. On those rainy days when you have nothing to do and your parents are yelling, “Find something to do!” Well, I have a suggestion. If you feel, you know, bored, you can take your mind away from in all by reading a book.

Wait, hold on…don’t stop reading this – seriously, a book can be waaaayyy more fun than your phone, television or even better than picking on your little brother or sister. So, just give it a try. Pick up a book and READ. It will make your brain grow – not size wise, because we would all be clunking heads, but smarter. A book can take you away on the most amazing adventure, and then you won’t be bored!




By KarenAndDarrin

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