Back to School & New Books!

fbPosseSmall (2)

teaserBook3 (2)So here you are in the middle of August, and having to start thinking about going back to school – if you haven’t gone back already. My thoughts are that nobody should have to go back until after Labor Day, and not even think about school supplies until you get that big list from your teacher…but those are just my thoughts.

There really are some great things about going back school, though, and – here’s my list:

  1. New friends
  2. Old friends
  3. Learning cool new things
  4. Signing up for sports
  5. Lunchtime
  6. Recess
  7. Pushing yourself to be better
  8. Art class
  9. The Media Center
  10. Author/Illustrator visits
  11. Family nights
  12. Staying out of trouble
  13. Being nice to everyone – no matter what
  14. Spirit days
  15. Reading

But hey, there is still some summer fun to enjoy, and if you are back in school, the weekends are still great!  And hopefully we will see you at your school, or at a family night.

Also, we are thrilled to announce our two new books –  the very scary Ghost Board Posse #3 Ice Cavern Cadavers, and our new picture book, Monster’s First Day at School.

Here are the covers for both books. So remember to keep reading, since that will make school a lot easier for you. Enjoy the rest of your summer, and have fun going back to school!


By KarenAndDarrin

One comment on “Back to School & New Books!

  1. Hello Karen..this is silpa. Long back I used work in core. That time u gifted me a book for my son. He just loves it. Thank you somuch. I wish all the best for your future eendeavors

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