March is National Reading Month is just around the corner – and even Bigfoot is excited! He recently sat down with Mick Morris to talk about how he feels about reading, below is what he had to say…

BF:”(Grunting) Uhh, you know I read all the time. But, when I was a baby I didn’t read…”

MM:”Mr. Bigfoot, shall I call you that? Mr. Bigfoot?

BF: “Oh please, just call me Squatch. Look at my baby picture. I was so cute wasn’t I?”

MM: “Yes, yes you were, uh, Squatch, I’m not really sure that babies read.”

BF: “HEE HEE HEE…No, I guess you’re right, but man I’m cute.”


MM: “Yeah, uhh…cute little Bigfoot, er Sasquatch. So, tell me how you feel about reading – especially with Reading Month almost here?

BF: “Well, I didn’t really like reading, until I found books that I like to read. Like, I wasn’t into some of the books that other kids read. I don’t like to read about bougars.

MM: “I see.”

BF: “Yeah, reading made a big difference in my life. I wouldn’t have a good career, be able to sneak around and hide as well as I do, or even have my own trampoline if I wasn’t a good reader.

MM: “Cool. What kinds of books do you like to read?”

BF: “I like mysteries, adventures – you know scary stuff (Bigfoot shudders and looks around) really scary stuff (his eyes grow huge).

MM: “I feel the same.”

BF: “I’m glad you get it Mick Morris – heck ya should! But that’s the secret finding books that you love to read…and a good plant to eat while you’re reading makes it perfect.”

MM: “I don’t eat plants, well except for salads, I guess. So for me that would be like sitting down with a good book and a pizza. And, I just happened to bring you a pizza today for our interview.”

BF: “Pizza? Pizza! Squatch loves pizza and a good book! I’m taking my new Mick Morris book and my pizza – thank you, and I’m going to go read now.”

BF pizza

MM: “Uh, Squatch, can I just ask you a couple more questions about reading?”

BF: “NO!!! Ba-bye.”

Well, there you have it, even Bigfoot likes to read, so find books you love and read, and eat a pizza, or plant – whatever makes YOU happy!

By KarenAndDarrin

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