Back to School & Homework!

Well, there you are finishing your second, or maybe third week of school. Now, that you have made some new friends and settled into your classes, there might just be homework. What? Ugh!  Yuk! You didn’t come here to read about having to do homework, did you? Who wants to read about having to do homework? It can be gross, slimy, and hard to do! Not to mention that it is really hard to sit down and get it done, right? We know how you feel, it’s kind of like writing and art for us. Sometimes, we just don’t feel like it. Honestly, there are times we would rather do the dishes, rake the yard, or pick our noses! Ouuu, just kidding! What if we got a big green booger on your homework and turned it in? You probably wouldn’t get a good grade, right? But the biggest secret that we have found out, is to just sit down and do your work.

We call it B.I.C. (and, not for the pen). It stands for ‘Butt In Chair’. Put your butt in your chair and get it done. It’s that easy, in fact, it’s even easier than it sounds. Seriously, it is way less painful to just do it, get it done, than to have it hanging over your head like a little black raincloud. Then, when you are finished, you can go do whatever you want to do…unless you have chores, and that’s another story.  So, get your homework done and you will see how great you feel!

Look at Harry, he is even trying to turn his whiskers up at his work!

IMG_3083 (2) Harry

By KarenAndDarrin

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