UFO’s and Marching into Reading Month! (get it, ha ha, March – Marched…)


Exciting March Reading Month has begun!  Yay!  We love reading…And for all of you Mick Morris Myth Solver readers it has started out very exciting, with wonderful school visits and many more to come. But, that’s not all, we had the opportunity to chat with William Konkolesky the Michigan State Director of MUFON – which stands for Mutual Unidentified Flying Objects (UFO) Network – pretty cool, huh? We thought so, especially when he shared this with us…”There are over 250 UFO sightings in Michigan a year. Some are planes, some are Chinese Lanterns and some are celestial objects, and then some are even the moon, but some are truly unexplained.”  William got into MUFON because of what he’s seen himself. He wouldn’t go into too much detail, though, but you can find more on his website at http://www.mimufon.org.

Here’s to hoping that you have an ‘out-of-this-world’ Reading Month!”


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