Summer is Better with a Book!

Ya gotta love summer! The best season of all, and one of the main reasons – lots of fun! But there are some days that even in this beautiful weather, and with all the fun imaginable, we get bored. Oh. My. Gosh! I said it! I said the B word – can you believe it? Bored – ugh! Bored, oh no, I said it again! Who gets bored in the summer? Guess what – we all do. On those rainy days when you have nothing to do and your parents are yelling, “Find something to do!” Well, I have a suggestion. If you feel, you know, bored, you can take your mind away from in all by reading a book.

Wait, hold on…don’t stop reading this – seriously, a book can be waaaayyy more fun than your phone, television or even better than picking on your little brother or sister. So, just give it a try. Pick up a book and READ. It will make your brain grow – not size wise, because we would all be clunking heads, but smarter. A book can take you away on the most amazing adventure, and then you won’t be bored!




By KarenAndDarrin

Back to School & New Books!

fbPosseSmall (2)

teaserBook3 (2)So here you are in the middle of August, and having to start thinking about going back to school – if you haven’t gone back already. My thoughts are that nobody should have to go back until after Labor Day, and not even think about school supplies until you get that big list from your teacher…but those are just my thoughts.

There really are some great things about going back school, though, and – here’s my list:

  1. New friends
  2. Old friends
  3. Learning cool new things
  4. Signing up for sports
  5. Lunchtime
  6. Recess
  7. Pushing yourself to be better
  8. Art class
  9. The Media Center
  10. Author/Illustrator visits
  11. Family nights
  12. Staying out of trouble
  13. Being nice to everyone – no matter what
  14. Spirit days
  15. Reading

But hey, there is still some summer fun to enjoy, and if you are back in school, the weekends are still great!  And hopefully we will see you at your school, or at a family night.

Also, we are thrilled to announce our two new books –  the very scary Ghost Board Posse #3 Ice Cavern Cadavers, and our new picture book, Monster’s First Day at School.

Here are the covers for both books. So remember to keep reading, since that will make school a lot easier for you. Enjoy the rest of your summer, and have fun going back to school!


By KarenAndDarrin

Where have we been?

Hopefully to your school! We have been so busy visiting you guys, and I’m happy to say that we are still visiting schools –  right through June, can you believe it? Which means that you are now meeting authors year round, and not just in March (Reading Month). How cool is that?

We also had a blast this past weekend meeting some of you at the comic con! So many fun people, some of them even dressed up as their favorite characters. Here are a few pics from the event. 

Now that summer is just around the corner, YAYYYY!!! Do we seem excited? CUZ WE ARE! And, don’t forget on those rainy days and nights you will need some good scary books to read in your tent, under your covers, on vacation – at the lake, on the beach, in the mountains, or even in  your favorite spot at home….and we know the perfect books.

Watch for the latest, and super scariest Ghost Board Posse # 3 Ice Cavern Cadavers – out this June. If this book doesn’t scare you then you are un-scareable:o

(In the pics: 1. The actual Mick is just behind me in the first pic! 2. 3. & 4. Some friends and fans that dressed up for the occasion (including Remy) and love Mick Morris Myth Solver and Ghost Board Posse. 5. A young lady that saw us at her school ten years ago (yikes!) and said we inspired her to write and draw. 6. Karen and Gavin, we visited his school and he is one of our favorites! 7. Darrin and John Leopold – Jon is an official member of the Star Wars 501st Great Lakes Garrison 8. Some of our older fans that still like our books.)

By KarenAndDarrin



March is National Reading Month is just around the corner – and even Bigfoot is excited! He recently sat down with Mick Morris to talk about how he feels about reading, below is what he had to say…

BF:”(Grunting) Uhh, you know I read all the time. But, when I was a baby I didn’t read…”

MM:”Mr. Bigfoot, shall I call you that? Mr. Bigfoot?

BF: “Oh please, just call me Squatch. Look at my baby picture. I was so cute wasn’t I?”

MM: “Yes, yes you were, uh, Squatch, I’m not really sure that babies read.”

BF: “HEE HEE HEE…No, I guess you’re right, but man I’m cute.”


MM: “Yeah, uhh…cute little Bigfoot, er Sasquatch. So, tell me how you feel about reading – especially with Reading Month almost here?

BF: “Well, I didn’t really like reading, until I found books that I like to read. Like, I wasn’t into some of the books that other kids read. I don’t like to read about bougars.

MM: “I see.”

BF: “Yeah, reading made a big difference in my life. I wouldn’t have a good career, be able to sneak around and hide as well as I do, or even have my own trampoline if I wasn’t a good reader.

MM: “Cool. What kinds of books do you like to read?”

BF: “I like mysteries, adventures – you know scary stuff (Bigfoot shudders and looks around) really scary stuff (his eyes grow huge).

MM: “I feel the same.”

BF: “I’m glad you get it Mick Morris – heck ya should! But that’s the secret finding books that you love to read…and a good plant to eat while you’re reading makes it perfect.”

MM: “I don’t eat plants, well except for salads, I guess. So for me that would be like sitting down with a good book and a pizza. And, I just happened to bring you a pizza today for our interview.”

BF: “Pizza? Pizza! Squatch loves pizza and a good book! I’m taking my new Mick Morris book and my pizza – thank you, and I’m going to go read now.”

BF pizza

MM: “Uh, Squatch, can I just ask you a couple more questions about reading?”

BF: “NO!!! Ba-bye.”

Well, there you have it, even Bigfoot likes to read, so find books you love and read, and eat a pizza, or plant – whatever makes YOU happy!

By KarenAndDarrin

Brrrr…Perfect weather to read or create!

Since it’s so chilly outside, okay really it’s more than chilly – it’s freeze your you know what off weather! That means it’s the absolute perfect time to read, read, read. Oh yeah, nothing like getting warm and comfy and taking a journey on a good books words.

Okay, whats that you say? You don’t feel like reading? Well, then get your creative on, and write, paint, draw, sculpt, sing, dance, play an instrument, do something wonderfully creative! If you need to get inspired, put on your favorite music, jump up and dance…Because the arts are just a loose, quirky dance my friends.funny-dancing-polar-bear-003



By KarenAndDarrin

Happy Holidays!

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Feliz Navidad, Happy Kwanzaa, Happy Ramadan and no matter how you celebrate it – HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!

This year make yourself a promise to let your holiday’s be filled with fun and love! Enjoy yourself, laugh a lot, read, play, give hugs and thanks, and be merry…You certainly don’t want to be a Grinch. Even he’s happy when he’s got his favorite book in his hand – we hope you feel the same!

Happy Holidays from our home to yours!


Karen, Darrin & Mick

2015GrinchRoswell copy

By KarenAndDarrin

Happy Turkey Day!

It’s almost Turkey Day! Yay! Time off of school to play, a yummy dinner with family and friends, how fun is that? Normally we don’t get to mushy on our blog, but this year I think we all need to be really thankful for all we have, and not worry so much about what we want, or don’t have.

Thanksgiving is the perfect day to hug the people you love, share, and be so grateful for everything. And on that note our wonderful friends and readers – we are thankful for you.

Have the Happiest Thanksgiving ever!


By KarenAndDarrin

Back to School & Homework!

Well, there you are finishing your second, or maybe third week of school. Now, that you have made some new friends and settled into your classes, there might just be homework. What? Ugh!  Yuk! You didn’t come here to read about having to do homework, did you? Who wants to read about having to do homework? It can be gross, slimy, and hard to do! Not to mention that it is really hard to sit down and get it done, right? We know how you feel, it’s kind of like writing and art for us. Sometimes, we just don’t feel like it. Honestly, there are times we would rather do the dishes, rake the yard, or pick our noses! Ouuu, just kidding! What if we got a big green booger on your homework and turned it in? You probably wouldn’t get a good grade, right? But the biggest secret that we have found out, is to just sit down and do your work.

We call it B.I.C. (and, not for the pen). It stands for ‘Butt In Chair’. Put your butt in your chair and get it done. It’s that easy, in fact, it’s even easier than it sounds. Seriously, it is way less painful to just do it, get it done, than to have it hanging over your head like a little black raincloud. Then, when you are finished, you can go do whatever you want to do…unless you have chores, and that’s another story.  So, get your homework done and you will see how great you feel!

Look at Harry, he is even trying to turn his whiskers up at his work!

IMG_3083 (2) Harry

By KarenAndDarrin

Reading is a great skill!

So here we are cruising our way through summer…Can you believe that it’s almost August already? We know summer is a great time to play, have fun, laugh, spend time doing the things you love, especially outside…But, when it’s time to relax, or later in the day, pick up that book and work on your reading skills. You know the better the reader you are, the more you will successful at whatever dream you have for your life. So grab whatever book, comic, or magazine you like to read and READ:) And, for all of you guys, that don’t really feel like it – remember…

By KarenAndDarrin

A little art chat…

Roswell old and new

Hello fellow artists, friends, and Mick Morris and Ghost Board Posse fans. It’s Darrin here with some art chat. If you’ve seen our presentations, you’ve heard us speak about the importance of change when you create. The final output when you write or draw is seldom, if ever, going to be the end product. You have to re-write, erase, scribble, delete, stomp, paint, crumple, toss, and often start again (that goes for anything when creating). That’s the way it is in the arts…and it never goes away. You can always change and better your work, but of course there does come a point that you have to say, that’s it, I’m happy!

People always ask me if I’m ever really satisfied with a sketch or illustration at the first attempt. And my answer is, very rarely. I always look back at a piece and think, hmmm, I can change that. Here is a perfect example. We’ve reached the point where we need another reprint of ‘Mick Morris Myth Solver #1:  All Isn’t Well in Roswell!’ I did the original cover 10 years ago, and now, there’s plenty I would change. We continue to grow as artists with every piece we do – and even as a working artist there is always room for improvement. So, we thought it would be a great time to “touch up” the original cover a bit.  Add a little more shading and highlights. Make the color pop, and lightly change some things. That being said, here is the first Roswell cover, and the updated one. Let us know what you think, and remember always be ready to make changes in whatever you create.